Sunday, November 27, 2005

URGE Congress to Enact Tougher ID Theft Laws!

Our Congress is Proposing a New 'softer' ID Theft Law:

Considering that Identity Theft occurs19 times per minute in the United States, it seems incredible to me that our Congress would be considering softer ID theft Laws. Recently enacted tougher State laws (as in Washington State) would be undermined by this new US Bill.

Urge your congressperson to support a tougher law to:

1. Remove the loophole that lets any company who fails to my personal information decide whether or not to tell me about it(!) As citizens, we must demand to make that decision for ourselves. We can only do so if we are informed when a company has ANY breach of security regarding our identities and financial information.

2. Insist on stronger security standards for everyone who handles consumers' personal information with real penalties if they fail to protect consumers. Companies who fail to protect my personal information should be pay for the inconvenience caused by their failure, including legal fees and damages which are ongoing to a person's credit rating and subsequent higher fees for every service, including insurance rates, mortgage rates, and credit turn downs.

3. Give you the right to see and correct the files that information brokers have about me--and stop them from selling or sharing this information without your express permission.

Please urge your congressperson to strenthen the new H.R. 4127 law to protect us all against identity theft and fraud.

We deserve a Congress that is accountable to citizens first!

Wishing you every credit sanity! Loannetter